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House Of Fetishes

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Welcome to House Of Fetishes!

Nice to have you here! :)

This group was created to all that amazing erotic art (digital, tradicional, literature, photography and other type), specially with fetishes! But you can add another sexy art too! :3

Thanks for join us! Hope you enjoy your stay! :D

There's a lot of Gallery Folders where you can submit your art (you can submit 2 works per day, so we don't make spam for the other members :)

Don't you know where can you submit your works? These are the folders (by Alphabetic mode):

:bulletpurple: Anthro n' Furry: For all that fluffy and sexy creatures.
:bulletblack: Ass: All related about the butt!
:bulletpurple: Avatar, Stamps and Animation: All about gifs, flash or animated files.
:bulletblack: Ass:
:bulletpurple: BBW: Big Beautiful Woman, for that extra loving pounds.
:bulletblack: Bondage: About ropes and ties.
:bulletpurple: Boobs: Gimme da breasts!
:bulletblack: Censored Works: All that sexy works that DeviantArt doesn't approve!
:bulletpurple: Collabs: For collaboration work with another artist/friend.
:bulletblack: Comic, Strips and Stories: Tell us yours!
:bulletpurple: Commission and Point Commissions: Show the world your skills and earn money!
:bulletblack: Couples n' Groups: More people goes here.
:bulletpurple: Ecchi: Art with the spicy touch.
:bulletblack: Erotic Literature: Your pen is your best sex appeal.
:bulletpurple: Erotic Sketches, Linearts and WIP's: All that sexy and unfinished work over here.
:bulletblack: Expansion Thing: Bigger is always Better.
:bulletpurple: Fanart for Awesome Artist in DA: Because DA bring us the best artists (like :iconrhemora:, :iconeviane:, :iconskie-maree:, :iconlufidelis:and another amazing artists)
:bulletblack: Fanart: As you always wanted to see!
:bulletpurple:Feet: Only happy feet!
:bulletblack: Futanari: Girls with "surprise" inside!
:bulletpurple: Gifts: Show your good heart!
:bulletblack: Hentai: Submit here according to DA rules!
:bulletpurple: Internet Rules: 'Cause Rule 34 is not the only one.
:bulletblack: Lingerie and Sexy Clothes: Sexy is not always about nude bodies.
:bulletpurple: LOL things: Sexy things can be funny too!
:bulletblack: Milf: Sexy side of the mature age.
:bulletpurple: OC's (Original Character). 'Cause they deserve space too!
:bulletblack: Other Sexy Fetishes: Do you know another theme? Show us!
:bulletpurple:Paizuri: Titfuck! Boobies have fun too!
:bulletblack: Photo Manipulation: Create art with your digital tools!
:bulletpurple: Requests: Free sexy works!
:bulletblack: Sexy Ladies: Sexy Mademoiselles over here!
:bulletpurple: Sexy Males: Boys are so yummy too!
:bulletblack: Sexy Outfits: Erotic clothes!
:bulletpurple: Sexy Photos and Artistic Nude: Our body is erotic too!
:bulletblack: Tentacles: Give me a hand, I'll give you something slippery!
:bulletpurple: Unkown Cathegory: Maybe I don't know REALLY where I can submit.
:bulletblack: Yaoi: MaleXMale Action
:bulletpurple: Yuri: FemaleXFemale Action
:bulletblack: 3D: Sexy Dimensional Work!
:bulletpurple: Wrestling: Defeat Non-Pervy Works!

If you have another fetish idea or another cathegory, please let me know and I'll add to the gallery!

Thanks a lot and welcome again!

If you didn't found anything interesting in this group, please check in the affiliates or check in my other groups, I'm sure you're gonna find something else ;)

Hi people! I hope you're enjoying the group!

We want to help the members of this group, so if you're open to trades, you're making contests, projects or another big deals, just drop in this journal and we'll promote you! :heart:


:bulletpink: :iconkou-shibasaki: Point Commissions, super cheap! NSFW pics, go and check it!

:bulletblack: :iconullamaliztli: Paypal Commissions, regular and NSFW pics!

:bulletpink: :iconblisschild1: I'm working awesome paypal commissions! C'mon and check my prices!

:bulletblack: :iconrobmasamune: I am doing commissions to fund an animated film :

:bulletpink: :iconill-foehn: I'm offering Paypal Commissions!

:bulletblack: :iconwdeleon: Open for commissions here!

:bulletpink: :iconxzeroman: PayPal Commissions:
(sometimes) Points Commissions
:bulletblue: Can do hentai, fetish, furry, catfights, pretty much anything except guro/vore/amputations and other extreme subjects.
Line Art Prices: by xZeroMan

:bulletblack: :iconowyisensei: well Im going to have sales ALL summer and always open for commissions.

:bulletpink: :iconryujisama: Please promote my commission info: . I'm always open for commissions, and people who add me to their watch list get a special discount.  By the way, I do regular and NSFW, if that matters. ;)

:bulletblack: :iconsuperllama: Currently open for PayPal commissions
And for a limited time I'm also accepting $5 monochrome bust sketch commissions

:bulletpink: :icondawnofstefan: I'm doing relatively cheap traditional commissions via Paypal to fund a project I plan to do some years down the road; I'll draw nearly anything you ask!:

:bulletblack: :icongoku-senpai: I'm taking cheap paypal commissions

:bulletpink: :icontcs1992: Paypal Commission
Will draw: OCs/ Fanart/ Hentai/ Gore/ Animals
* Digital art *
More info here

:bulletblack: :iconserpentinesanguinine: I take commissions on my tumblr a lot but I'll accept them from here too. Currently trying to raise money to pay my internet bill so I can keep doing this stuff. Link:…

:bulletpink: :iconhelixjack: I'm a paypal commission artist for your every latex, bondage, and TF-related needs with frequent sales and the like.

:bulletblack: :iconjaviermtz: I only do paypal payment commissions. Thanks.


:bulletblack: :icondruggedotaku: I am selling a few adopts! They are 200  each (But you are most welcome to ask for a lower price!)



:bulletblack: :iconmr-g-modder: Running a contest here, details are in my journal here: Thanks!

:bulletpink: :iconowyisensei: I also have a contest going too.  or having atm

:bulletblack: :iconhoshiimochi: We're holding a contest! Please check! <3



Mature Content

Super Mario RPG XXX Cover by Cicada-Media

 It serves as the cover for our comic.
A comic done by :iconcicada-media:  (creator,linework), :iconcaptainxero: (writer) and :iconblisschild1:  (color,effects,speech)
Only samples will be posted on DA, it is planned to be a full 15-20 page comic!

:bulletpink: :iconmakini90: : Been building up this month long project of pin-up illustrations for a while.

:bulletblack: :iconbarabba92:
Just a funny thing I've setup.. not costs involved, here the journal

:bulletpink: :iconbouncycg: I just started a journal for people to vote on Smash Bros rule 34 request for ideas. It's a great opportunity to get a free request from me!
Here's the details:


:bulletblack: :iconrhemora: I want to promote my page! You can check my regular and NSFW work!
Please go to , you'll enjoy it!

:bulletpink: :iconullamaliztli: I'm offering ecchi packs in my FundRazr page! If you could help me donating some buckets, I'd really appreciate it! I need them to rent a new house! <3…


:bulletblack: :iconsjdrake2006: Hi, im in looking for a traditional pencil/ ink artist to commission comic book pages of my OC heroine in peril. Must be very good at taking likeness from photos. Looking for realistic style and not any chibi/manga/anime or any other comic book or Japanese style!
If you are out there, please let me know! Many thanks.
More Journal Entries



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Random from Favourites


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thegreenbookkeeper Featured By Owner 2 days ago  New Deviant
Thanks for accepting me here! Love ya! :D
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Do you have folder, for Omorashi fetish? ) 
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if your interested A Suggestion Box
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I don't know if I should join this, I mean, I DO have lots of fetishes. But I'm afraid of getting less of what I like and getting the ones that creep me out. (Such as the ones that make the character fat or some shit) Sorry, I guess.
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TheBadLieutenant Featured By Owner May 20, 2015  Hobbyist Writer

Fire & Frost Death Trap Image Contest

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Who has the most twisted mind…Bound Death Trap image include both my OC’s Fire and Frost and a villain or villains of your choice

See my group page for contest information

msprlatina420 Featured By Owner May 4, 2015
Hello and thank you for welcoming me into the group. If any artists here want to use my photos and make me as a sexy toon feel free to message me.
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Hello, thankies so much for request my latest art Point Commission for TheNaughtyFish to your group :blush: 
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Thanks for accepting me here! :D
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Thank you for the affiliation! excited happy 
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i accidently submitted some of my "emily VS superman" comics into the fury folder Nuu
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Is there a scat or fart?
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My squeeze drawings compilation:…
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Is there a lactation category and can public contribute
gchris5523 Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Hey there everyone! I have a question about what I can submit here in this group. It's not exactly "Erotic Literature" but it's more like an in-depth look at a bunch of kinks and fetishes people have. It's more of an "Educational" look and why people have the fetishes they have and how people come to have them. I really hope someone could get back to me, thanks; and have a great day!
Kajm Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
I thought the piece on SJWs was somewhat appropriate for this group because:

They Hate groups like this.

You did have a *lol* category and they deserve to be laughed at.

That kind of group-think HAS to be a fetish......
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thatguyforever24 Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2014
Having a little contest over at my home page. Win a story vignette on the bondage or fetish topic of your choice. :) Come check it out!
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where are women with hooves located
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Good evening! I´m offering my erotic comic, Whatever Happened to Ashley Graham? for only $2.50 USD for a limited time (regular price is at 4.50 USD).

I would like to announce it in this group if I might.

Here is my journal with the info: darkknightstrikes.deviantart.c…

MetalBladez00940902 Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2014
((You know, I think I'll leave. I'm kind of scared now. How do you leave a group?))
MetalBladez00940902 Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2014
((I'll join 'cause I think about how it was possible for my sister's OC to have been born rather than created.))
Drochfuil Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2014
Hay, thanks for accepting. :horns:
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